Ladies Army 5

Vancouver, Canada

Okay, okay, by this time I’m a couple of months in to playing bike polo. Why not go to Ladies Army, the most coveted tournament by women, and slay some dragons? …is what i thought ;_;

A’ la 2013, my team was formed via the internet. Shout out to ! I was to play with Kathy from GA and Jillian from CA, two lovely human peoples, that I had never met.

This was my first time traveling by my lonesome, without a club mate, but I knew some Austin pals that were going, so I wouldn’t truly be foreveralone.

I landed and went straight to my host, Mark’s house. As soon as I got there, I put my bike together. It felt kinda weird, but it looked okay, so i said “Fuggit”, and continued on my merry way.

I went to the pickup court, only to find it empty as hell. What da hec?! I waited a couple of minutes, only to meet Elena from Geneva and Machine from SF. We decided to go to the tournament location and help build courts. We’re riding, riding, riding, and I’m huffin & puffin up these hills. In Houston, the only inclination you’ll see- are in parking garages! :O  Elena saw me gasping for oxygen and encouraged me up each hill. I felt like the little engine that could, with her motivation.  I thought I was surely to die on the streets/hills of Vancouver, but we finally arrived. I reconsidered my life decisions when I realized I was to ride up those hills for the next 3 days. #notblesst. Also, my bike felt weird because I put the spacers in the wrong order in between my fork and headset. D’oh. Someone pointed this out to me the last day of the tournament. I couldn’t believe I had been riding a death machine super fast, down steep hills. You live & you learn, amirite? I have all my teeth, at least.

All in all, it was an amazing time and one tournament I highly recommend new &female players attend. It was truly inspiring and I formed so many girl-crushes. I almost asked for autographs.

I was really in to gin this year. Below you’ll see my gin bottle quenching some thirst. I met some some strong-ass, fun, and motivating women this tourney. I do regret not staying more days to sight-see. Next time, East Van!


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