Southcentral Qualifiers 2013

Boulder, CO

I caught the polo travel bug.

I rode tripped with Elise, Fabian, Akin, and Artie to Colorado. We stopped in Aspen, first, and it was.. very…..affluent. Elise was born and raised in Aspen, so we stayed at her old house and I discovered (through snooping her old photos) that Elise met Bill Clinton. WOT @!$? She’s so VIP. I cannot.

The next day, Elise took us to Devil’s Punch Bowl , where we plunged in to cold-ass water. It took 30 minutes of coaching, but I jumped off. Twice. It was probably one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done. I will not be telling my mom about it, as it was super terrifying.

We finally reached Boulder for the tournament and 90% of the out of towners got hotel rooms next to each other. Uh-oh.

Boulder was surprisingly hot and the court was HUUUGE. I ended up playing with a guy from New Mexico and someone from Mankato. We were ~-Dad’s Belt- ~. We did well and were 1 goal away from making it to NA’s. :…..( To the bars we (i) went.

We did karaoke the first night and Miguel got banned from singing because he was ‘meow’-ing all his songs. It was hilarious.

The last night, we went to a street with numerous bars. Elise had convinced me not to wear a bra, so I was trying not to get too drunk. As the night goes on, someone has the bright idea to go to a strip club. Things start to get hazy at this point, and Artie or Elise buys me a lapdance. I didn’t like it :..( Fast forward, and we’re all back at the hotel, with Chinese food in tow. Alekos throws noodles at my head. A mini food fight ensues. I remember being glad to not be first shift for driving home tomorrow. I pass out, tightly gripping a chopstick.


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