5th World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

October 2013

Weston, Florida.

Where?! you say

I know , I know. I’m STILL not sure where that is, but it was about 30 minutes outside of Miami. I slid in to a wildcard team –  Meg from Chicago, and Felipe, a Floridian local. I remember falling backwards while traveling 60 mph and hitting my head super hard during a game. It was like my head hit the floor like a bowling ball.

We did okay, but did not end up making the main event. The fireball a-flowethed, shortly after.

The next day was Ladies Bench. I got to play with some amazing ladies from all over the world and it was inspiring to see SO MANY international women players in one tournament. Our team got 1st, but it was insanely close! It was my first time playing bench format and I got butt hurt because I had little court time. I did suck, though, to my team’s defense.

After the main championship, we all went back to the hotel and started a dance circle in the parking lot. It was ridiculously fun and I loved seeing such badass bike polo slayers cut loose and wiggle their butts. Later on the night someone convinced me to get inside the hotel’s fountain. I got drunk.

Below is a wicked cool video by Blunt Films, depicting the epicness that was Worlds 2013


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