Interpolas 2014

Bogotá, Colombia. October, 2014.

Have you ever shat your pants from excitement? I haven’t yet, either, but during this trip, I felt like the possibilities of ruining my underwear were endless! So, I bought a GoPro 😛 Below, you can watch a lil vid I made during my time in Colombia. It’s my first time ever editing and compiling, so don’t expect a James Cameron masterpiece.

AHHHHHH. Where do I start? The food? The people? The views? Everything was s0o0o0o0o unreal. I loved it allllll. I was reunited with the Mexican bikepolo clubs and formed teams with some of them for the coed tournament, as well as the women’s tourney. I met players from all over South America! From Brazil to Ecuador, and everywhere in between. These people are so hospitable and humble. Loveloveloved<3

Our team for the coed was called ‘Sin Verguenzas’, which means Without Shame in Spanish. You know how I do. I played with 2 buds from Mexico City and our uniforms were Tshirts of mariachi outfits. It was pretty sick on a level of 1 to SARS. For Interpolas, I played with Marian and Diana, from D.F., as well. We gelled  quite nicely, and our team was called ‘MEOW!’ Shout out to Marian for babysitting me, while I proceeded to yolo the fuck out of the closing party. #sheatruehomie


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