Santo Torneo & Xalapa

Mexico City and Veracruz. April 2015

I went to Mexico City, also know as D.F., for the Santo Torneo tournament. I was greeted at the airport by 8 or so local bike polo players. We built my bike up, and headed straight to the courts, which were pretty amazing. I later found out it was going to be the last tournament at this particular location, because it was going to be replaced by a Formula 1 track 😦

My buds, Rob from Austin and Mel from LA, came as well. We met up at the end of the tournament to hang out and see what a day in the life of a MX city bike polo player entailed 😉   (Shout out to Marian for being the hostest with the mostest, as well as an incredible, probono tour guide)

After the tourney ended, I packed my bike, got on a bus, and headed to Veracruz. I caught up with a different Mel, who’s home is in Xalapa. She recently moved back after finishing a medical program in Houston. Her family was quite adorable and welcoming as hec. She took me around to the best spots in her hometown, as you can see below. Can’t wait to go back one day!


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