Ladies Army VIII

The feels on the bus go round and round,
round and round,
round and round.
The feels on the bus go round and round,
all throuuuugh the towwwwn. (Guadalajara)

That’s right – The Post Tourney Blues are in full force :…)

Ladies Army 8 was held in Guadalajara, Mexico, this 2016, and it. was. righteous.

I left from IAH airport and ran in to Birdie and Tiffany at the airport. We grubbed and were soon informed that our flight to Guadalajara had been delayed. FUUUUUUUU

Tiffany and Jackie were members of one of the airline’s fancy shmancy lounges, and ditched us, shortly. Birdie and I twiddled our thumbs for a second, before deciding to attempt to sneak in to the lounge and join them. I mean, they had free drinks inside, how could we not at least try to slither in?

Success. We see the receptionist at the front of the lounge, busy with a customer, so we nonchalantly walk in. We couldn’t believe how effortless it was, but hide our excitement, and head straight to the bar. We order 2 drinks each, and then hit up the snack line. I was off to a great polo-cation!

A voice on the speaker announces that the open bar will close in the next 30 minutes, so naturally, we down our drinks, and go for round 2.  We can”t finish our bevvies, and end up pouring the leftovers in a water bottle. Yolo, amirite?

We finally board the plane and arrive to Guadalajara at like, 3 am..

My bike doesn’t make it. Siq. The airline assures me that it will arrive the next day. (It betta!) (it does 😛 )

I call an uber to drop us off at our destinations, and end up crashing with Birdie at her airbnb. I sleep on a sleeping pad in a room with Melanie, Jess from DC, and B. The windows are open and I sleep for maybe an hour, due to the mosquitoes draining liters of my blood. The morning finally comes, and we’re off to an adventure – Los Guachimontones!

My teammates meet up with us, and we climb aboard a big, white, kindappy kinda van. We head to the Mexican town of Teuchitlán in the state of Jalisco about an hour west of Guadalajara. The place we visit is a 2,000 year old prehispanic archaeological site . We learn that Guachimontones means a “place dedicated to the divine”.

OH , yeah! The tournament!

Lots of positive vibes ~as always~, new friends were made, and polo sheroes were discovered. Ya know💁‍-  the uuj (usual). It was rad, basically!

This year, I played with 2 wombyn from Chile. Our team name is ZORDAS. We slayed, we scored, we didn’t make the top 5, but hey! – pretty sure I dance battled and murdered some competition. *dusts shoulders*

Too much tequila was had, and I manage to eat shit going back to my hotel the last night I was in town.

I ooze on the hotel bed.


❤ Til next Ladies’ 😛

Pictures and a video by LosReciosTV below!




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