Denver SCQ



Southcentral Koalafires. Aurora, CO. May 2017.

Woooo 🐨🔥

I got in Thursday night to Denver, real late-like, and luckily my host, Tim the Great, scooped me up from the airport. He told me he lived near a mountain, as we drove to his house. Little did I realize that his back yard WAS a huge, emerald mountain.

Anthony and Megan from SLC had already arrived and were still up. Tim had 2 bottles of wine gifted to him from work, so we cracked them open and started drinkin’ and chattin’. Laura, Tim’s gf (and woodcrafting magician) also joined us for a glass. We hung out til 3 am.

Wine is the devil, y’all.

The next morning, Tim had to go take care of tournament stuff. So, I brushed my 2 teeth, and took a Lyft in to Denver. I met up with Kim, Adam, Fun, Krista, Dasha, and Liz at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered a morning burrito and demanded adventures for the whole day.

Liz and Dasha decided to go mountain biking. I was planning on quitting my job in a couple of weeks, to play polo in Europe for the summer (yolopolo), so I opted out on this activity$. Fun, Krista, Kim, and I went to explore the famous geological phenomenon, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, instead.

It was pretty sw8, let me tell ya. As we drove in, though, it started to rain AND hail. We waited in the car a couple of minutes, to see if it would clear up. Luckily, the weather took a complete turn for the better, and we decided to go on a little hike that was about 2 miles. During the journey, we recalled how much the Red Rocks resembled scenes from the Disney classic, ‘Lion King’. We took a moment of silence in memory of Mufasa.

Halfway into our trail excursion, we saw a herd of deer, 15 feet away from us. They were not scared of us at all, so we inched as close as we could, to snap some selfies with the locals.

It was a fun, quick trek, so when Kim said we should meet up with Adam and his friend, Dan, to hike some more, we readily agreed.

We were lied to. It was a steep hike — more steep than any hike some of us had ever done. Here is a poem I wrote about the experience.

Mount Falcon & Lyin’ Dan

We go to a mountain, Falcon is it’s name

Dan says it’s easy- 1 or 5 miles, he proclaims.

Hesitant, we all begin, contemplating the ascend–

As we get higher and higher, i wonder when will this end?

Dan says, we’re close, the castle is just around the corner-

Fun looks hopeful.   ‘He lies’, I forewarn her..

We take many respites and can’t help, but complain

‘We’re almost there!’ Dan says, unaware of our pain.

Hours later, we reach the dang castle & summit–

We couldn’t believe that we’d overcome it.

Going back down was more feasible, the views quite stunning–

But as I realized how far the car was , the journey was v unbecoming 😦

Back to our cars, Mount Falcon in the distance,

We thanked Dan for his lies and friggin’ persistence.


Okay, okay ,okay. It was actually a pretty rewarding hike. 10/10 would climb again. After the epic climb, we went to destroy some burritos. The next day my butt was so sore.

Tournament time: Oh, yeah! I was here for polo, I remembered. The Saturday quickly snuck up on our adventures, and it was ‘go time’. Loljk. My bike was broken and I had to use 5 different bikes during the weekend :/    Our team consisted of myself, Gabe, Jimmy (SLC), Johnathon (Little Rock), and Juan (Albuquerque). We had some rad times. I was annoyed that my bike was of no use, but trying so many different bikes, made me want to switch to 26″, possibly :O

Saturday, the games were put on hold for the next day, due to rain and lightning. A handful of us went to Liz’s to feast on the meal she had prepared for the tourney. Funlola and I made the mistake of drowning our food with ghost pepper hot sauce. I got the hiccups and couldn’t taste my food 😞

All our clothes and shoes were wet also, so we decided to put all our wet items in Liz’s dryer (thanks, Liz!). We sat around, drank tea, and discussed polo-tics.

The rain had let up and we were keen on pick up. Off we went to the courts again, praying to the rain gawds to like, stop it already, man. I kinda enjoyed having the rest of the day hanging out with my friends and playing pick up, to be honest.

On Sunday, our team was unfortunately done after a couple of games. I tried to get some of my team mates drunk, but most of them were not down with the Twerquila. Oh, well.

During the final games, I caught up with my amazing/talented/bootiful buds, Mo & Clarity. Later on, I also became friends with this blonde baby. She was so smart and kept calling me ‘Shell’. She was pretty chill about sharing her toys and I wondered how many beers I had had, already.

During my last day, I hung out with Fun, Adylle, and Rob. We got breakfast before Fun had to catch her flight, and then we spent the rest of the day doing lots of touristy stuff.

10/10 would Denver again.





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